Michael D. Gross

Mike New Photo 1200A Leading Real Estate Expert

Appreciating the many aspects of the real estate industry and having a driving passion to know and experience all that a career in real estate has to offer has consumed me sense I was a young man.  Approaching 30 years in all aspects of the industry I no longer feel squeamish about calling myself an expert.

Note that I don’t claim to know it all but I do have a certain skill set that I can deploy to help my clients create win/win scenarios in their residential and commercial real estate transactions and in their business endeavors.  Whether consulting with homeowners about the management of their HOA or assisting investors at the business level helping them understand their real estate, I’m always excited to share my knowledge and help.

Through the years I’ve also learned that its not always about what you know or even who you know, but it’s more about knowing what you don’t know and where to find the critical information one needs to create success!  I leverage a large and experienced network of friends and business partners to assist my clients in creating success for any endeavor, large or small.

A Serial Entrepreneur

I’ve been accused of being a serial entrepreneur.  My experience in real estate covers a wide swath of the industry.  I’ve been a Commercial and Residential Real Estate Appraiser, Builder/Remodeler, Residential Lender, Commercial Lender, Community Manager, Real Property Manaer, Realtor .. and even owned a region of a national real estate franchise system.  Additionally few people know that I’ve also been involved as a consultant in many other types of businesses.

During a brief stint in radio where I had a my own show on real estate investing and residential mortgage lending, I also consulted with several radio stations on real estate and lending, especially during the financial disaster of 2008/09.  I have been interviewed by local CBS and NBC affiliates and was featured in a spot on FOX cable news.

Other accomplishments include participation in the development of a real estate investors association, and have consulted with multiple companies from call center operations to financial institutions on sales and marketing strategies.  I believe that by leveraging my experience I can assist with any real estate or business related opportunity.  I am here to serve and through my service I hope to help others reach their dreams and goals.