Journey of Free Will –

I’ve had something needling at me for months.  It’s been rattling around in my brain and I couldn’t figure it out… not sure if this is it but it helps (I think).  LOL

Journey of Free Will –

Life’s a path well worth traveled
Emotion filled with light and dark
Questioned, unraveled

With love and anger
We give way
Spilling it to others as we lose power

Through force or will
The projection of strength?
An illusion that reality kills

This life we live
With passion and fury
It is but time through a sieve

As it goes our body weakens
Minds hardened by tumult and confusion,
Wonder what we are seeking?

Given kindness and love
Comes the steadying calm
Like the gentle breeze on the wings of a dove

Taken with deceit
Some steal heart
Filled with conceit

Preys upon innocence
Demolishes hope and invites the dark
Soul burdened devoid of sense

A life in waste
No hope, no love
No grace

Amore, Agape, Love!
Cries from Angels
Shower from above

Listen and choose your road
Wisely as you go
Light will lessen a dark, heavy load

Joy, hope, carrying
With these changes there can be
Attracting The Universe of Godly things

With purpose and focus
As Light over Dark
As we shine on others, shines on us

This path for good or ill
Is boldly what we choose
Received, the order filled

Minute by minute, hour to hour we choose
With choice set in motion
Decided is the win and the lose

Love, kindness and forgiveness is best
For the Light that leads this path
Will pass all test

Toughness belies callousness
Fortitude prevails stubbornness
Being strong is not being less

Believe, have faith, firm in all
Humility and kindness with strength and toughness
Stands and does not fall

A confusing path lies in wait
We choose how to travel it
With Love or Hate

Sow the path, choose wise
Life’s road before you is laid
Lit with truth or Darkness’ demise

Decide for good or ill, price is paid
Life’s path well traveled
Is the life you have made!


…I wrote this because I see a lot going on in our world and I believe all the vitriol will affect our children.  It’s hard when daily on our TV sets and in our social media we see hate spewed everywhere from people of all walks of life.  I believe in being strong in one’s beliefs but I also believe in civility and respect.  I think the root is that we’ve forgotten, as a society, how to show respect AND we’ve forgotten that how we openly act toward each other will affect how our children grow and what our society looks like in the future.  So, while we are on this Journey of Free Will let’s choose wisely because the path we choose is the future we make.